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Nina is a kind and caring coach. She has a wonderful approach that makes you feel calm and at ease to be open and discuss your thoughts and feelings truthfully. She asks great questions which make you think about things in a different way and therefore, form your own answers. Throughout my coaching journey with Nina, she has guided me by providing me with strategies that will help me to become more assertive with my time. As well as to be more conscious of my beliefs and self-talk. This has really helped me in gaining a better understanding and to challenge my thoughts when they are not positive or helpful. I just want to thank Nina for the coaching and for helping me to become happier and more aligned with my true purpose.


I was struggling with self-esteem, anxiety, depression & stress, and I know that I will be living with these issues on my life journey, but now, I have powerful tools that Nina shared with me to put in practice everyday and they are changing my energy constantly.
I’m starting to have confidence, security and love for myself, but at the same time I know that I can help others, share my life experiences and tools to be conscious of who we are and become a better beings. The most powerful thing I learned is to be Grateful of everything I have in my life…! 
I have now powerful goals to achieve for myself, for my son & for others, i feel able, conscious & confident to make a plan, follow and achieve happiness, wealth & love. I’m truly grateful to Nina for being my Life Coach and helped me to live in peace & harmony.


I came across Nina on instagram when scrolling through Reels and decided it was time to make a change. Nina is super knowledgeable and friendly and really makes you feel at ease. I took part in one of her offer session blocks and through implementing her tips immediately experienced a change. After each session you revieve an email with all the tips discussed and she even gives you homework to keep you accountable!
Before our sessions although there was some things I was already aware of there was no consistency in doing them. Nina makes you accountable she gives you a task and reviews it with you next week. If you have struggled she talks about why you might have struggled and gives alternatives.
The changing moment was when I had been implementing the changes and I felt the shift in my mood. I have gone through a couple of things both during and after our sessions and the way I have reacted to those situations has drastically changed from before.
Allowing yourself even 5 minutes a day to do these small changes makes a HUGE difference with your mindset and mood. If you are struggling to get into a routine of good habits and need some help, assurance and accountablity Nina is your lady!
I will definitely be working with her again in the future and also will continue to follow her page for more support and hints!


"I highly recommend Nina as a life coach. She is super empathetic with a strong assessment ability. I greatly appreciate her clear approach to assess my situation and help me define my choices to move forward with my life. Thank you so much for offering such wonderful moments to me. You're a great coach and I deeply value the time we've spent together and the clarity you've helped me reach in my life."


Nina is a caring and understanding coach. She listens well and asks good questions so that we can understand what must do with our next step to achieve our desires. She comes with great tips and advice in line with our thoughts. Nina is a brave woman who dares to challenge you where you need it. She is grounded as a coach and I can highly recommend her.

Hilde Olsen NLP Coach MediYoga

I recently had the privilege of having Nina as a Life Coach and just as Brian Tracy lays out in his list of 10 great qualities of a great Life Coach she embodied each and every one of them. I cannot recommend her highly enough. It’s only been a short time but having that professional sounding board to really hear you as you tell your story and just the act of how you articulate yourself and having your story replayed back to you in a positive, passionate, non-opinionated, non-judgmental, observant & challenging way was, for me, a very rewarding experience.


Definitely recommend Happy Life Coaching ! She doesn't just listen but provides tools to design the life you desire. Her approach is very focused on the things you'd like to achieve, very easy to talk to and I instantly knew she was the right coach for me as we connected. Thanks to Nina, I managed to shift my  mindset & working on all my  goals with more confidence, belief and conviction !


I would definitely recommend the services of Nina, I appreciate the non-judgemental and minimal interjection space she holds that allows one to divulge and navigate through the thought process of unresolved issues towards the solution with her guided suggestions in the end.She  allows space for vulnerability and also is firm in her approach of encouragement to step into your light with helpful tools and materials. 

I have come into a place of great hope and feeling empowered to go forward toward  my life's purpose. I  have a sense of true transformation within my mindset. I feel so much is possible for me, am currently transitioning and am expecting a wonderful turn in events towards ultimately a fulfilled life.


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