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Stuck in a life that lacks purpose?

Experience the Power of Unstoppable Confidence, Self-Love, and Empathy

Is anxiety creeping up on you? Are you tired of self-doubt? Feeling jammed in an unending cycle of drab jobs, unfulfilling relationships, and even unhealthy eating habits?


I feel you...


Low self-esteem is hitting hard. You’re frustrated because of the inability to make sound and timely decisions. This lack of decisiveness evokes pessimism…


Not to mention that the feeling of being stuck just sucks!


Trying to manage your job, family, and side projects are taking a toll on your nerves. You barely get time to stop, think, reflect or meditate. Even if you try to do something, you end up quitting midway.


Each time you thought you had mastered self-control, exercised willpower, and shaped your life…


The outcome was a miserable regression back to the status quo.


Doing simple things like regular meditation or exercise can help. It can do wonders for your physical and mental health if you just got the hang of it!


Truth is when you try to do it alone, you get so bored and confused, that you just give up. Been there, done that!


Self-reflection can also aid you to focus on your personality and eliminate your weak points. That can also go wrong when you end up being your own worst critic.


You feel defeated and out of control. It’s affecting your productivity and emotional well-being.


But not anymore…


I can help you kick back anxiety and depression, with a few simple techniques, and that too without you having to leave the comfort of your home!


A step-by-step self-care program specially designed to help you find your light. Because you deserve the best of personal and professional lives. Period!

You are MORE THAN who YOU were

Happier Life Coaching Program will help you Put Your Life into Focus.


With Happier Life Coaching Program you will:


-Live life on YOUR terms


-See growth and results in the areas of your life that matter most to you

-Vanquish that gut feeling which says something is missing

-Save BIG bucks


-Finally sleep through the night without anxiety keeping you awake

-Learn the BEST and EASIEST way to resolve conflicts with your partner


-Discover the ways to live a more fulfilling life

-Be able to let go of any anger, hatred, and resentment that you might be harboring inside you

-Stop overthinking

-Find your passion and make it a reality

-Face your fears

-Free yourself from destructive side-effects of anti-depressants.

-Stop the negative mind chatter in your head

-Have healthy relationships

Image by Brett Jordan

Happier Life Coaching Program is not for you if...

-You wish to remain stuck in an unending passionless cycle of dull routine 

-Do not want anything in your life to change for the better

I will tell you honestly I’m not a magician. I use scientific research and years of experience in the field to provide my services to you.  Yes, I use science not superstitions!


Happier Life Coaching Program is a holistic approach to changing your life for good. Unlike other programs out there, I don't focus on a single aspect.


I'll help you to look and reflect on every aspect of your life. Our physical and emotional states are closely tied together. We can not have one without the other.


In short, I've combined various meditation, reflection, and scientific techniques and tools in a single course.


You see, I like to keep things straight and to the point.


Practical and tactical guidelines ensure that you grasp the concepts easily which means you don't have to spend hours and hours in front of the screen to learn.



I have come into a place of great hope and feeling empowered to go forward toward  my life's purpose. I  have a sense of true transformation within my mindset. I feel so much is possible for me, am currently transitioning and am expecting a wonderful turn in events towards ultimately a fulfilled life.


I managed to shift my  mindset & working on all my  goals with more confidence, belief and conviction ! I  have more positive outlook, I am able to be the observer in most challenging moments, I am a lot calmer & gentle to myself which helps with self confidence, making decisions and making new connections with people


I’m starting to have confidence, security and love for myself. I have now powerful goals to achieve for myself, for my son & for others, I feel able, conscious & confident to make a plan, follow and achieve happiness, wealth & love.

How it works...

Once you enroll in the course, you’ll get immediate access to the video training modules and Free limited edition Reflection Journal.
Curious to see what each module has to offer? [Click here to see the module breakdown]
The trainings are fast track with easy, achievable milestones so that you’re never bored.
But there is a catch…
As my special way of supporting and rooting for your success, once you complete all the modules, you'll get to have a free live consultation call with me!

24 hr. flash sale (1).png

A single visit to a therapist or family counselor can cost you anywhere between £30-£300 plus the time of commute for every visit.


If you choose therapy via insurance then in that case, you will likely be limited to however many sessions your insurance will pay for, which can vary.


A meditation session with a therapist can cost upwards of £100.


All of it is worth it, but isn’t that a bit pricey???

What You'll Get 

-10 video recordings where I’ll discuss and guide you on how to take control of your life and seek happiness ( £199 value)

-Limited Edition ‘Reflection Journal’ filled with exercises designed to improve your well-being (£13 value)

- A workbook where you’ll be able to record your journey and check off each milestone while patting yourself on the back (£12value)

-Live consultation call with me after completing all the modules (£45 value)

-Lifetime access to all the recordings


Total Value: £ 269


To make it even more accessible to all the ladies I’m slashing the course price to

£30 for a very limited time.

That’s a whopping 85% discount if you sign up today!




Because I want to help as many sassy, kind and courageous women as possible to discover a lifestyle that's full of positivity and balance. You will have more energy, stand in confidence, and live a longer, healthier life.

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